Cajun Hot Sauce Without Heartburn

Delicious Cajun Sauces Without the Risk of Heartburn

Cajun Hot Sauce Without Heartburn

Everyone loves a good Cajun hot sauce but no one likes the heartburn that comes with it.  Over the years, adding a Cajun sauce to dinner and even breakfast has become increasingly popular but heartburn remained a problem.  For many Cajun sauce lovers, the hours after indulging in their favorite spicy condiment are filled with heartburn and painful indigestion.

It’s from that very problem that Pit Boss Sauces was born.  As a Louisiana native, the creator of these sauces loved the Cajun flavor enough they used it in almost every meal.  Suffering from heartburn no matter what brand or type of Cajun sauce they tried, the owner of Pit Boss sauce set out on a mission.


Cajun hot sauce without heartburn

He knew there had to be a way to craft a delicious Cajun hot sauce without heartburn.  For years, he experimented with varying ingredients.  Utilizing what he knew about the ingredients and cooking, he put together a recipe that has a robust and unique flavor.  Most important of all, after years of searching, he found a recipe for Cajun hot cause that did not cause heartburn.

Since then, Pit Boss Cajun basting sauces have become a staple in Louisiana homes.  What started as a local business has now expanded into area and regional grocery stores. As a result, Pit Boss now offers a variety of sauces and condiments.  All are made with quality ingredients and traditional Cajun flavor.  None of their sauces give heartburn like other Cajun hot sauces do.  Instead, they leave behind a unique flavor that most customers say they find themselves craving.


Basting Sauces that leave heartburn behind

Pit Boss started as a single sauce used for basting and marinating when grilling meats. The saucewas designed to work well paired with all types of meat including beef and poultry.  This marinade sauce proved to be unlike many other with a Cajun flavor because it does not leave behind heartburn after a meal is gone.  Once the basting sauce was perfected, Pit Boss went on to create additional sauces with their special recipe that didn’t kick start indigestion.  It wasn’t long before Pit Boss sauces had evolved into a full line of Cajun sauces that did not cause heartburn.

In addition to their basting sauces, they also offer several Cajun sauces. These sauces do not cause heartburn and indigestion like many of their competitors.  After many customers continued to report loving their sauce and that it didn’t cause heartburn, Pit Boss decided to expand their offerings to additional products that help people still have the flavor of sauces they love without the risk of pain and burning in their chest.  This bolstered him with enough support to push forward and create other delicious products, like this Cajun spaghetti sauce, that will soon become a household favorite.


Heartburn free Cajun style condiments

Another type of sauce that often left heartburn behind for Pit Boss fans is condiments.  To solve the problem, Pit Boss used special ingredients to create condiments that had Cajun flare but did not cause heartburn.  These condiments and dipping sauces still had great and classic flavors but Pit Boss kicked it up a notch by adding a Cajun style to otherwise standard condiments.

Adding the Cajun kick to mustard and mayo has proven to be choice that most mouths approve of.  Pit Boss has a variety of condiments and dipping sauces that have been formulated to keep their flavorful tastes without causing heartburn.  Among them is their traditional dipping sauce that is great for dipping wings, veggies and even to sop up with bread.  Other favorites are their Cajun mustard and Cajun mayo to go on burgers, sandwiches and in marinades.  The most popular choice is their Gator Bait hot sauce.  It’s a delicious Cajun hot sauce that does not cause heartburn and is great on everything.  Customers claim they carry it with them to put on food whenever they eat. They say it’s that good!


Cajun sauce without heartburn is all about the ingredients

Making a Cajun hot sauce that doesn’t cause heartburn is all about the ingredients.  Not just single ingredients are used to make a difference in the sauce.  The combination of ingredients used must be exactly right to reduce the risk of heartburn.  After perfecting this combination, Pit Boss started incorporating it into all of their sauces, further ensuring that sauce induced heartburn is no more.

They use local and high quality ingredients to craft their sauces.  Out of the 16 ingredients they use, only 3 of them don’t come directly from the region they live in.  Pit Boss knows that creating a delicious sauce that doesn’t cause some painful after effects means caring about what goes into their products.  Their sauces are created with perfection in mind.  Each sauce is made with ingredients they stand behind.


Pit Boss makes Cajun sauce that doesn’t cause heartburn

Pit Boss sauces are made with a Cajun kick and without the risk of heartburn.  Based in Louisiana, they use the best of Cajun ingredients to craft the unique flavors inside their sauces.  Customers love their Cajun hot sauce and their heartburn free marinade sauces.  Pit Boss continues to grow and now offers their products available on their website.  Hot sauce lovers don’t have to wait until it hits store shelves near them but instead they can have any of these sauces shipped to their door.

Lovers of the Cajun flavor agree that these sauces have added an unique twist to some drab old favorites.  Shoppers looking for a variety of basting and dipping sauces may find that purchasing a bundle of these Pit Boss sauces online fits all of their needs.  Pit Boss sauces have made their way into grocery stores outside of Louisiana and continue to expand as more families find that Cajun hot sauce without heartburn is exactly what they needed.