Cajun Hot Sauce Without Heartburn

Delicious Cajun Sauces Without the Risk of Heartburn

Everyone loves a good Cajun hot sauce but no one likes the heartburn that comes with it.  Over the years, adding a Cajun sauce to dinner and even breakfast has become increasingly popular but heartburn remained a problem.  For many Cajun sauce lovers, the hours after indulging in their favorite spicy condiment are filled with […]

Cajun Hot Sauces by the Pit Boss

Cajun Hot Sauces by the Pit Boss Now Offered in a Growing Number of Louisiana Grocery Stores

Pit Boss came out with the most delicious dipping and basting sauces which are getting picked up by various grocery stores in Lousiana. Gator Bait is a hot sauce that is the most delicious, creating a punch on the tongue but without creating the need for someone to sip water quickly afterward. PRESS RELEASE  UPDATED: OCT […]

Gator Bait Hot Sauce

Gator Bait Hot Sauce Made by Pit Boss Takes the East Coast by Storm

Finally a hot sauce where one doesn’t need to get a gallon of water ready for one’s mouth to not catch on fire afterwards. It gives a delicious kick on the tongue and is so addictive that people are carrying it around to add to their meals. LAKE CHARLES, La., July 30, 2019 ( – ​​​​Gator Bait […]

Gator Hot Sauce - Treat Your Meat