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Delicious Cajun Sauces Without the Risk of Heartburn

Everyone loves a good Cajun hot sauce but no one likes the heartburn that comes with it.  Over the years, adding a Cajun sauce to dinner and even breakfast has become increasingly popular but heartburn remained a problem.  For many Cajun sauce lovers, the hours after indulging in their favorite spicy condiment are filled with […]

Gator Bait Hot Sauce Made by Pit Boss Takes the East Coast by Storm

Finally a hot sauce where one doesn’t need to get a gallon of water ready for one’s mouth to not catch on fire afterwards. It gives a delicious kick on the tongue and is so addictive that people are carrying it around to add to their meals. LAKE CHARLES, La., July 30, 2019 (Newswire.com) – ​​​​Gator Bait […]

Gator Bait Hot Sauce Takes the East Coast by Storm

Gator Bait Cajun Hot Sauce is not just another sauce.  This Louisiana made hot sauce is certified Cajun and quickly becoming a household favorite in new markets. The Gator Bait hot sauce is made by Pit Boss deep in Louisiana, where Cajun food got it’s name.  Passionate about creating a hot sauce that had a […]

4 Ways to Use Cajun Sauce in the Kitchen

Cajun sauce has been used to spice up food for centuries.  Long before the Louisiana Hot Sauce we see on today’s shelves, indigenous peoples used a combination of ground peppers and water to give their food extra flavor.  Since then, Cajun sauce has evolved into a household favorite. Over the years, the way Cajun sauce […]

The 4 Best Sauces from Cajun Country: Cajun Dipping Sauce, Cajun Jalapeno Mustard, Cajun Spaghetti Sauce, Gatorbait Hot Sauce

,,The best sauces from Cajun country are known for their hearty heat.  A mix of rich meats and seafoods, a flavorful sauce, and slow cooked veggies served over rice filled stomachs and hearts.  While the Cajun cuisine has changed over the years, what remains at the heart of every dish are regionally available ingredients and a thick sauce with some […]

The Quest for the Hottest Hot Sauce

Quest for the Hottest Hot Sauce The Quest for the Hottest Hot Sauce. Since humans began using hot peppers to season food, the search for the hottest hot sauce has been ongoing.  Hot sauces made from peppers have been part of daily life for people since the beginning of civilizations.  Archeologists have found evidence of […]