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Our barbecue and basting sauces and marinades are so good that you will forget all the
other sauces and marinades and use our product for all your barbecuing, basting, and marinating needs.
It is that good. We stake our reputation on it.

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Cajun Hot Sauce Without Heartburn

Delicious Cajun Sauces Without the Risk of Heartburn

Everyone loves a good Cajun hot sauce but no one likes the…
Cajun Hot Sauces by the Pit Boss

Cajun Hot Sauces by the Pit Boss Now Offered in a Growing Number of Louisiana Grocery Stores

Pit Boss came out with the most delicious dipping and basting…
Gator Bait Hot Sauce

Gator Bait Hot Sauce Made by Pit Boss Takes the East Coast by Storm

Finally a hot sauce where one doesn't need to get a gallon of…

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